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My Story

Lisa Esser

From a child drawing on her bedroom walls to a self-taught artist, native to Cincinnati, Lisa Esser-Delgado has dabbled in all kinds of mediums. Her love for color and nature is what inspires her especially trees, flowers and water, as well as beautiful sunsets which are her favorite. 

Lisa uses the bright intensity of alcohol inks along with her use of acrylics and palette knife for texture as to bring nature to life on canvas and tiles. 

“ I don’t remember the reaction that day that my mother had when she caught me drawing on my bedroom walls, but she must have seen something!” Lisa says,”all I know is the next thing I knew she had me painting on anything she could get her hands on. From barn siding to metal watering cans and garbage cans, you name it!  I have painted on and off throughout my life. Exploring all kinds of mediums.  I found my painting to be very healing as well as calming for me. I believe in that and so I got involved with high school students at the church I belong to. I used painting to help them through their healing process as well as their struggles of life.

I’ve been a hairdresser all my life . It wasn’t until Covid hit in 2020 and the salons got shut down that my art really took off. I went back into the salon when they reopened for about a year. It was then that I realized my heart was my art, and so I knew I needed to make a decision. A year later I left the salon to pursue my dream as an artist. And when I was leaving the salon there was a big rainbow in the sky which reminded me of God’s promise.

 Since then I’ve been so greatly blessed with the people that God has brought into my life, as well as friends I haven’t seen that have contacted me to help me along my path.  I am grateful for my family and friends that continue to supported me through this journey. 

I believe that looking at a piece of art it tells a story. It speaks to us. Whether it speaks peace, joy or hope and at times it may spark a wonderful memory, even a story. And therefore that is why …I will always be painting a story!”

You can find Lisa on Facebook and Instagram. 

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